Sand & Soil


Whether you’re working on a pathway, setting up your vegie patch, or want to create a sandpit for the kids, we have a selection of sand and soils that will suit your needs.

Granetic Sand

Granetic Sand is often used as a decorative topping and compacts well.

Uses: Pathways, driveways, nature strips.

White Washed River Sand

The White Washed River Sand is a fine washed river sand that is aesthetically pleasing and functional with many uses.

Uses: Children play areas such as playgrounds and sandpits. Also used in brick paving, kitty litter, BBQs, and planting.

White Mukadilla Brick Sand

The clay in White Mukadilla Brick Sand creates a stickiness which is perfect for making sure mortar sticks to bricks.

Uses: Garden beds, paving, brick laying, bagging / rendering.

Yellow Brick Sand

Similar to the White Mukadilla Brick Sand, this Yellow Brick Sand has a high clay content which provides good sticking properties. It has a yellow tinge when dry.

Uses: Garden beds, paving, brick laying, bagging / rendering.


High quality soil is important for a thriving garden with abundant crop. We offer two free draining, healthy, friable soils such as The Vegie Mix and Organic Soil.

Vegie Mix

The Vegie Mix is a popular choice for vegie gardens. The 2 blend mix of Organic Soil and Eucy Mulch provides a huge range of nutrients for your vegie garden.

Uses: Vegie garden

Organic Soil

Organic Soil is perfect for your vegie or plant garden with its mix of minerals and organic matter such as animal manure.

Uses: Vegie garden, flower beds.

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