Other Products

Temporary Fencing

We offer temporary Mesh Fencing for your needs: pools, events, road works, worksites, housing sites, residential construction sites.

Fencing is made of galvanized steel with mesh infill, and has been designed and manufactured to comply with government and local council legislation requirements.

We can deliver, assemble, disassemble and remove fencing.

Chook houses


Urgh! You’ve stepped on another freshly laid egg. You have no idea where the next one will be to dodge even if you wanted to.

Stop your chooks from laying all over the place.

Make your life easier with our innovative hand-made chook house which allows 4 chooks to lay at a time. This hand-made wooden chook house will last you years with its sturdy construction. No longer will you be stepping on precious eggs – you’ll wonder why you didn’t get this chook house sooner – we swear by its effectiveness.

We’ll even give you a few tips to get your chooks on the right path to happy laying. Regularly. Mess free. In the same spot each time.

You’re welcome!

Formerly Sarsons Garden Supplies